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Peggy Noland: Polka and Proportions

In art|BOOK on November 13, 2009 at 2:47 pm


Check out Peggy Noland’s psychadelic contribution to fashion.  Making weaves for the likes of Flavor Flav, her style is clearly outspoken.  She is known for her use of polka dots and large proportions. 

Noland is a self-taught designer from Kansas City.

Read more at Dazed Digital (link below).

For the love of fashion…

In society|BOOK on October 15, 2009 at 10:38 pm


Fashion is defined as a ‘prevailing style or custom, as in dress or behaviour’.  To some people, fashion is simply aesthetic. To others, it is a lifestyle. But exactly how important is fashion within a relationship?

What we wear is most definitely a huge factor in first impressions between us and those we are attracted to. However, it also proves as a method to maintain and spice up relationships.  Through certain clothing, couples can dress up as fantasy characters to enhance their sex lives. Partners can even dress as complete strangers as an act of role-play to add a new edge which essentially equates to escapism.  Through ‘statements’ of fashion, an individual can express self qualities that are otherwise hidden. A woman could wear a flirty dress or a man could wear a standout suit.

So, is fashion “sexy”? Does fashion give individuals an outlet to remain attractive to their other halves? Clothing certainly gives you a stamp of individuality and sets you apart from the rest.  However it could be said that “sexy” clothes do not always make women completely happy. When women wear sexy clothes, they certainly get attention, but are they loved and respected by their male spouses? It may be that “sexy” clothing is a way for women to conform to an ideal image that they feel men want.  However, after reading an article online from The Mirror, I discovered that the natural approach can sometimes be far more fitting to the perfect girlfriend image. Men find it sexy when women wear baggy t-shirts and tracksuit bottoms to bed. From casual attire men assume that a woman is confident within a relationship. Mismatching underwear can also be a huge turn on as it brings spontaneity into play. Paula Hall, a relationship psychotherapist suggests that it makes a man feel as though sex wasn’t planned and is therefore more exciting.

It could be argued that fashion is important in a relationships as individuals are viewed to some extent as the styles they choose. Whether hiding or expressing qualities of the self, fashion tends to work in significant ways to enhance or change a relationship between two individuals.

By Natasha Devan