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A Piece of Cake – Cupcake Brown

In review|BOOK on November 2, 2009 at 9:55 pm

A Piece of Cake - Cupcake BrownReading Cupcake Brown’s, “A Piece of Cake” away on holiday made me think about the bad things that happen to us in life and how we get past them.

The young girl who goes by the name of “Cupcake”, suffers from a life filled with grief, abuse and constantly running away. Everytime she is returned to the place she refuses to call home, she escapes. The girl has no clue where to go or how she will get there, and turns to dangerous solutions. But when you are reading the book, it’s almost as if when the chapters go on, the readers sense of dangerous and “frowned upon” behaviour disappears. As every chapter goes on, the girl who rapidly turns into a woman is forced into a life of making money through, “turning tricks”, drug dealing and “hoo-banging”. What the reader would usually see as abnormal is turned to normal through the process of reading the book.

So, what is normal? Each one of us has our different stories and our different trials and tribulations. But, how best do we solve this? Do we run away from our troubles, do we face them head on, or do we do nothing at all? Nothing comes easy but its important to know that the hardest things in life are quite often (if not always) the most worth it.

By Natasha Devan