Turner Prize Winner 09: Richard Wright

In art|BOOK on December 8, 2009 at 1:39 pm

From the sheer amount of notes pinned on the wall at Tate Britain this year, it was pretty predictable that Richard Wright would be this years Turner Prize winner.

Wright, 49,  was nominated for his exhibition at the 55th Carniegie International in Pittssburgh and a show in the Ingleby gallery, Edinburgh.

The man who created the extremely intricate gold leaf fresco in “an incredibly medieval way” was a shocked and surprised winner.  Wright used Baroque methods to form his untitled wall painting, drawing on paper to start and rubbing chalk through it.  The image was then painted with adhesive and covered with gold leaf.

The most shocking thing about Wright’s work for the spectator is that it will be disposed of when the Turner Prize exhibition closes on the 3rd of January next year.  None of Wright’s works are intended to be any more than temporary, as to see a work that you know will be destructed, “emphasises that moment of its existence”.

The work of this contemporary artist cannot be bought or sold as each is created for a particular environment.

Wright won the prestigous art award against Lucy Skaer, Enrico David and Roger Hiorns and was awarded a total of £25, 000.  The runners-up received £5, 000.

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